Ranger VS Colorado!

With it’s introduction this year, the new 2019 Ford Ranger goes neck-to-neck with the Chevrolet Colorado, which was introduced to the Chevy family back in 2015. Both trucks are mid-sized trucks that offer a lot of utility in small packages and also bring different approaches in what they have to offer to the consumer.

Let’s start from the outside and work our win in, shall we?

Since 2015, the Chevrolet Colorado has taken on a much more modest approach when compared with the Chevrolet Silverado. It shoots along the lines of being more modern while still keeping the tough Chevy look. It has specific details to help make it stand out including a gray bar that comes across the grille meeting at each headlight, keeping the signature Chevy bowtie badge strictly in the middle. The Colorado keeps the taillights very traditional, with their rectangular look and the rear bumper embraces the Chevy’s Corner Step feature. Something super neat for the Colorado is that there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, eleven in total where the Ranger only has eight. With a glance at the Colorado, one can see that it’s a clean style that still shows the sporty and rugged vibe that lies underneath.

As for the Ford Ranger, let’s just say that with its reappearance in so many years, the truck is totally remade. The Ranger bring ruggedness to upper trim levels such as the Lariat with a signature dark hexagonal grille featuring two chrome bars that float across and hold the Ford emblem. The Chrome bars are black when viewing a Sport appearance Package on the Ranger. With all trim models, there is a Ford signature honeycomb design on the sides of the grille and black plastic cladding along the fender flares. This helps bring the off-roading look and some include the addition of chrome accents which bringing a nice finishing touch. One of the cool design features that helps the Ranger stand out is the that the tailgate includes “Ranger” embossed across the lower third and a curve to the upper lip flaring out to give it that overall sporty look. With these distinct features of it’s exterior look, the Ranger stands out even more than the Chevrolet Colorado when it comes to being the adventurous midsize truck.

Both trucks can come in the four-door crew cab body configurations and also the extended cab configuration with the two full doors. Size plays a little bit of a role between the two where the Ford’s SuperCrew four-door Ranger has a 5 Ft box, and the extended SuperCab with the half doors has a 6 Ft box, while the Chevy Colorado has a 5 ft box, but consumers can choose a 6’2″ “Long Box” that is available. That is not offered with the Ranger.

Moving to the interior, the Colorado sticks to the classic Chevy look, with easy navigation among the cabin. Simple buttons and clear infotainment is the way Chevy likes to keep it. The main buttons and controls are in reach of the driver and passenger and are conveniently placed. One issue of the looks of the Chevy is to some people, the interior may look a little outdated or even be called “Bulky.” Besides that slight design problem, the Colorado does feature Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto, which are always popular among the consumers.

Looking outdated is not an issue for the Ford Ranger with it’s interior being fresh and stylish, but not to forget it’s also fresh out of the factory. Consumers can enjoy the contrast stitching lines on the dashboard and along the steering wheel. Another interesting feature is that the driver and passenger can choose to navigate with the physical buttons and knobs or the Sync 3 screen. The Ranger is all about options. Of course with different trims levels, there are slight design changes. For example in the higher trims, one may notice that there chrome accents among the interior to help provide an extra touch of character, even though the Ranger has all the character one would need.

As for under the hood, the Chevrolet Colorado base level automatically comes with a 6-speed stick shift, but a manual transmission, which is not offered for the Ranger. The Colorado gets an overall mpg of 21 combined, 19 mpg-city and 24 mpg-highway. As for the Ranger, it has best-in-class fuel efficiency when it comes to EPA with 22 mpg combined, 20 mpg-city and 24 mpg-highway. One thing to note is that the Ranger is only available with the Ford 2.3 EcoBoost engine with it’s auto-stop technology. For this truck to get pretty decent gas mileage, it is combined with a 10-speed automatic that should greatly aid in increasing fuel efficiency.

That is only the beginning for these two awesome trucks and the best part is that we have both here on our lots!!!! So come in and see for yourself and see which is a better fit for you!

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Thanks for reading!


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